The first action that human beings

made for happiness. 

it was the game.

We want to revive its original purpose

based on creativity & design beauty.


WASD Gamespace Co. Ltd,. is a puzzle game studio that looks deeply into the essence of the game [fun] and the source of its fun [brain].

We want to show new fun through Creative thinking and vivid design.

June 2018, we launched "EQUALAND" on Appstore exclusive and it was selected as the "New Games We Love" in Europe Appstore.

Our core designers create the entire production process from planning to art, sound and programming without outsourcing.



Equaland uses hexagonal tiles of various colors and rules.

"It’s objective is to make the numbers in all tiles the same."

Easy rules are elaborately united to give a lot of fun. It's a really brand new game.

Available on IOS AppStore.


What's your Color IQ?

Introducing “COLORFOOL”

Immerse yourself in a challenge of tile memory game

with rhythm-packed electronic music!

How far can you go?

How good is your memory?

Find out in a brand-new and exciting way!



- infinite levels of puzzles

- 9 pieces of trendy EDM Music

- Bonus gold stages for fun.


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