Our story began in 2017

We are a development studio specializing

in hyper-casual puzzle games based on original rules with educational and brain-enhancing effects


Make creative and beautiful games that focus on

their original purpose: Fun




There are distinctive game development fields such as design, art, and programming. Our company do not have teams for each field, but rather employ a structure of hiring talented people who excels in all fields.

From the start of the game development, all fields are connected at once to minimize design time. After the design is completed, various elementary visuals for the game are produced in minimum time. We program the game with basic designs and visuals to see if our concept in mind could be produced in finite schedule and resource. If we think we have something in our hands, we go ahead, and if not, we keep the idea in store for further development of concepts. 

Every member of our company is fluent in English and Korean, reducing time to amend any issues that arise during development by connecting with more people around the world of developers. 

Production deliverables are stored and linked to the cloud where feedback and development can be completed real time.




* Brand New Mobile Battle-The battle RPG with dice

* Roll your dice and beat the opponents' heroes!

* Very easy but extremely thrilling. 


* The our first prototype game.

APPLE FEATURED as a New Games We Love in entire Europe region.

* Ranked in the top 200 charts in major European country puzzle category. 


* Based on EQUALAND (Apple Featured Title) and improved by analysis

* Final official version 


* World 1st SOOTHING GAME with a pet with intricate storyline.

* Understand your dog with real respect & care

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